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Space on search results pages is limited and climbing rankings to the top of the list can be quite challenging. When a search is performed on the internet, the results that appear on Google, Bing, and other search engines are known as search results. The results displayed without an “Ad” icon next to them are known as organic search results. These results are presented to the user in order of relevance based on the initial query searched. Google and other search engines continually refine their algorithms and process to make each set of results presented in their platforms more relevant than the last. As search engines are constantly evolving, it is imperative that your website is marketed properly to achieve the highest placement possible. Higher rankings and visibility equate to a stronger click-through rate and site visitors that are more qualified and likely to convert! Which is why SEO is an indispensable aspect of any digital marketing campaign and is crucial for those looking to expand their outreach on the internet.

At the Organic Media Group, we provide agile Search Engine Optimization for companies seeking to improve organic listing results in search engines for their websites on both a local and national level. Our custom-tailored Search Engine Optimization campaigns focus on executing digital marketing strategies and industry regarded best practices to increase the efficiency of your website’s internet marketing campaigns, maintain website relevance, and improve search rankings.

Like anything worthwhile, proper Search Engine Optimization takes time and is not a quick solution by any means. Great content paired with carefully planned campaigns, strategic optimization, and consistently improved marketing tactics all help lead the way to ensure sustainable growth and continual results for your company.

Results from our SEO campaigns are focused and measurable, with most campaigns experiencing well over the “average” 13% visitor/lead close rate. Depending on the industry, our marketing campaigns have been known to far exceed a 40%-60% conversion rate! For comparison, the national close rate statistic for traditional print advertising is that of just 1.7%.

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With over 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, proper ranking is paramount to the success of your company online. Contact our office today to review your SEO goals and obtain a FREE digital marketing audit.

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Your business needs to be seen online to find more customers and compete with its competition. We have tirelessly worked for over a decade to help businesses in Florida and throughout the United States compete in search engines for top placement. Search Engine Optimization is ever changing, and complex. Our Cape Coral Search Engine Optimization experts possess the knowledge, skill, and experience to handle the Search Engine Optimization needs of your company while providing measurable, quantifiable success.

While working with our digital marketing team on your SEO campaign you can expect complete transparency, weekly calls, thorough reporting, and focused efforts geared to increase your company’s visibility online and within search while providing a high return on investment.

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In short, search engine optimization is the process of improving your website to increase both the quantity and quality of internet traffic from search results within a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In today’s competitive digital environment, proper search engine optimization is paramount to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Research shows that 97% of consumers visit an online entity to find local services, and that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Pair those statistics with the fact that 81% of consumers perform some type of online research prior to making a purchasing decision and it becomes quite clear that if your business is not found in these search results, you’re truly missing out on revenue generating opportunities.

When a user visits a search engine, they typically input a keyword or phrase into the search bar. Once entered, the search engine produces a list of results relevant to the initial query submitted by the user. This list referred to as the search engine results page (SERP for short), showcases organic listings in order of relevance, paid advertisements (labeled as an “ad”), and often times location information accompanied by a map (for local or location related search queries). Once a result is clicked, the search engine will then direct the user’s browser to the website selected, ultimately fulfilling the request for information that the user made during their initial search.

In today’s society, everyone likes immediate gratification. The same is true for those engaging in digital marketing campaigns. Companies that invest in search engine optimization services understand the value of search visibility and know that higher rankings can equate to more business. Thus, they want results as fast as possible. The problem with answering this question is that the timeframe to improve rankings varies with each project and its unique needs.

At OMG we never set unrealistic expectations for results for our clients. For the majority of web entities, low-competition local keywords can take 4-6 months to properly rank, while higher competition terminologies can take upwards of 12 months to achieve success. We construct these campaigns from the ground up to build a high level of relevance and authority to our client’s websites and market appropriately each month to continually improve ranking, traffic, and lead conversion. All of our campaigns are constructed around our client’s unique goals to ensure a high return on investment while securing both short and long term wins from our marketing efforts.

If we are optimizing your website and internet presence our team will constantly make updates to your website. With any search engine optimization campaign, there are several on-site items that are regularly modified in order to provide a positive user experience in addition to properly optimizing a website for technical SEO purposes.

While our business is located here in Southwest Florida, our company performs SEO and other digital marketing services to clients throughout the United States. We look forward to the opportunity to help solve your digital marketing challenges!

I can honestly guarantee that you won’t find another group of individuals as dedicated to digital marketing and SEO in Southwest Florida as we are. As this question comes up quite a bit, I will direct you to a page on our website that talks briefly about our philosophy and what you can expect if you decide to work with our company.

In all reality, we could craft an entire website and then some going over our Search Engine Optimization processes. However, the following processes serve as a foundational building block for all of our SEO campaigns. As always, if you have questions or would like to review further, feel free to give us a call at anytime!

Research & Analysis

As with the basis for any proper marketing campaign, we conduct thorough market research and a comprehensive competitor analysis. We also analyze your current position, the positions of your competitors, and analyze your audience and their needs. Once these items are complete, we outline goals and strategies for attaining your company’s ideal search engine visibility and work together with you to set a timeframe and budget that makes sense for your business.

Onsite Optimization

We understand the role that each element on a web page plays and how they affect one another. We also understand how these determine rankings and the traffic that comes in as a result. Proper onsite optimization is about much more than just driving traffic to your website, it’s about engaging visitors and creating conversions in order to fuel your business.

Offsite Optimization

Search engines place tremendous amounts of weight on the credibility of your website, as determined by the credibility of the websites that link to it. Through our diverse link building strategies, some of which include article distribution, content outreach, and more, we work with other strong web presences to develop a linking profile that attracts users and translates into long term ranking success.

Ongoing Content Creation

Search engines also base your website’s relevance and credibility on its ability to provide ongoing, reinforced information. One of the keys to success in achieving positive search engine results is keeping your website up to date and relevant with properly targeted, new content. Our copywriters ensure continually created content on your website to boost rankings while adhering to our custom developed content strategies.

Link Building

Link building is an essential part of every Search Engine Optimization campaign. Through extensive research, we can help identify key influencers and audiences in your industry and attract them to your site to promote relevancy and increase authority. We will build on your existing external linking structure through outreach campaigns targeted at local and national industry-related sites, and craft content marketing pieces geared to generate awareness and earn links. On site efforts will also pass relevance to your top performing pages to aid in user experience and conversion.

Analytics and Reporting

Proper search engine optimization strategies rely on the monitoring and interpretation of analytic website data. By monitoring these reports, we can see what works, and what needs modified to influence our efforts to positively achieve the rankings your website needs to drive qualified traffic and create visitor conversions. Our web analytic reporting also allows you to determine where our Search Engine Optimization efforts are providing you an optimal return on your investment, while keeping you up to date with our marketing efforts.

Search engine optimization pricing can vary based on your industry, location, competition, goals, size of the website we’re marketing, and many other factors. There is no one size fits all pricing model as each project and its requirements are unique. Once contacted, we will ask a series of questions and generate a few reports which will allow us to properly gauge your project and provide you an approximate estimate of both time and cost.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about your goals to help craft a strategy that will ensure success. Contact our office today for more information!

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We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your current SEO efforts and conduct an in-depth examination of your industry, your current web presence, and the strategies of your competitors. Once our research is complete, we will provide you with a transparent report of our findings and recommendations and answer any questions you may have! Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to achieve your internet marketing goals.

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We look forward to speaking with you. Please contact our office directly at (239) 313-0515 or enter your information in the form below to get started. All website inquiries are responded to within 10 minutes during business hours.

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