Build Brand Authority and Rank Higher With Search Engine Optimization

When a search is performed on the internet, the results that appear on Google, Bing, and other search engines are known as organic search results. These are presented to the user in order of search term relevance based on what is being searched.

Google and other search engines continually refine their algorithms and process to provide a more relevant search result. As search engines are constantly evolving, it is imperative that your website is marketed properly, in order to achieve the best placement possible for relevant industry terminology.

At the Organic Media Group, we offer agile Search Engine Optimization plans for businesses seeking to improve organic listing results for their websites. Our custom-tailored Search Engine Optimization campaigns focus on properly implemented white-hat marketing principles designed to increase the efficiency of your website’s internet marketing.

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization includes an in-depth examination of your industry, current web strategies, and the strategies of your competitors in addition to a comprehensive review of your target audience and relevant keyword terminology. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to achieve your internet marketing goals.


Research & Analysis

As with the basis for any proper marketing campaign, we conduct thorough market research and a comprehensive competitor analysis. We also analyze your current position, the positions of your competitors, and analyze your audience and their needs. Once these items are complete, we outline goals and strategies for attaining your company’s ideal search engine visibility and work together with you to set a timeframe and budget that makes sense for your business.


Onsite Optimization

We understand the role that each element on a web page plays and how they affect one another. We also understand how these determine rankings and the traffic that comes in as a result. Proper onsite optimization is about much more than just driving traffic to your website, it’s about engaging visitors and creating conversions in order to fuel your business.


Offsite Optimization

Search engines place tremendous amounts of weight on the credibility of your website, as determined by the credibility of the websites that link to it. Through our diverse link building strategies, some of which include article distribution, content outreach, and more, we work with other strong web presences to develop a linking profile that attracts users and translates into long term ranking success.


Ongoing Content Creation

Search engines also base your website’s relevance and credibility on its ability to provide ongoing, reinforced information. One of the keys to success in achieving positive search engine results is keeping your website up to date and relevant with properly targeted, new content. Our copywriters ensure continually created content on your website to boost rankings while adhering to our custom developed content strategies.


Analytics and Reporting

Proper search engine optimization strategies rely on the monitoring and interpretation of analytic website data. By monitoring these reports, we are able to see what works, and what needs modified to influence our efforts to positively achieve the rankings your website needs to drive qualified traffic and create visitor conversions. Our web analytic reporting also allows you to determine where our Search Engine Optimization efforts are providing you an optimal return on your investment, while keeping you up-to-date with our marketing efforts.