A New Breed Of Website Design Driven By Strategy

responsive-website-design-cape-coralAt the Organic Media Group, we start all of our projects in the same manner-with the end in mind. Our team will work with you to define your goals, and craft a full digital strategy around them for achieving success.

We pride ourselves on building visual compelling websites that reinforce your brand’s credibility and offer a warm and welcoming user experience that keeps visitors coming back for more. By constructing websites with responsive layouts, we are able to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Your visitors will encounter the same experience regardless of the device your website is being accessed from.

As Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing specialists, our team consistently directs qualified traffic to your website. Our proper marketing strategies paired with professionally written content, stunning graphics, and a complete brand identity creates compelling inquiries that improve sales conversion while increasing your bottom line. This allows us to achieve the optimum web presence you are looking for while securing a high return on investment.

By strictly following our website design and development process, you can rest assured that your website will make a strong first impression and provide a foundation to convert visitors into customers. Our website design and development process is as follows:


Define Website Goals

When creating a website, it is imperative that we define what end result would make your project a success. Whether it is increasing sales leads, to improving user experience, we will define your goals and work with you to help achieve them.

Information Architecture & Research

By mapping out your website, we can determine the information your users need to access. We then work together to develop your website’s information architecture, so that a content strategy can be defined for all of the pages your website will need. At this time ‘to do’ lists are constructed with who will be responsible for what content.

Content Strategy

We research your company, and educate ourselves on your industry to align your goals with the proper content to tell your story. With proper organic content, we can connect audiences, distill complex ideas, and develop an in-depth understanding of your service offerings to help you compete effectively on the web.

Wireframe Development

During this process, we outline each page of your website. This helps us determine where each element should be placed, how your menu should be laid out, and how to display content throughout your website.

Interface Design

With a wireframe in place, we design your website to the exact specifics of what we have discussed. This is where your website begins to come to life. Our experienced creative designers use a wide array of techniques to produce visually stunning yet intuitive website designs.

Website Development

Once your website has been framed, designed, and approved of, our developers get to work to turn your design into a fully functional website. It is at this time where our team also programs and integrates any additional features that you may need.